Our People

Nice to meet you.



Tyler Smith

Tyler is a Cache Valley native. He finds that service and time with others brings the most happiness to his life. When not working or with his family, Tyler volunteers his time in organizations with the Boy Scouts of America and Rotary International and his church.

Tyler was recently the Assistant Dean for the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. Prior to the past seven years, Tyler was a consultant with IBM in Minnesota and then moved to Arizona to start his own wealth management business helping individuals and small businesses with their finances.

Tyler is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with two Masters degrees from University of Minnesota--one in business administration and another in healthcare administration. He earned his bachelors degree from Brigham Young University.

Tyler loves spending all seasons with his beautiful wife and four kids in Cache Valley.



Jessa Smith

Jessa, a homegrown Minnesota girl, enjoys raising her four children in Cache Valley. After 10 years, she calls it home and is still waiting for a cold winter to hit. :)

Never shying away from a challenge, Jessa's upholstery work, interior design, and culinary arts are second to none. She credits her uncanny ability to fix just about anything to having been raised as an "engineer's daughter."

Jessa met her husband, Tyler, while attending the University of Minnesota where she earned a bachelors degree in Child Pyscology. 



Kathy Williams

Thirty five years ago Kathy met Scott at the old JB's restaurant in Logan. Soon after they were married they moved to Fort Polk, Louisiana where Scott started his career in the US Army. Life in the Army relocated their family many times to places such as Alabama, Texas, Alaska, Colorado, New York and Maryland. Three stints in Alaska endeared Kathy and Scott to the state and they expected to retire there. However, they felt a strong pull to return to Cache Valley in order to be with family.

Kathy's mother passed away 10 years ago and she and Scott have been helping her father stay independent and in his own home ever since.

Kathy enjoys walking, biking, sewing, reading, and serving her family and her church. She and Scott have 5 children and 5 grandchildren with more on the way.


Scott Williams1.png

Scott Williams

Scott is retired Army and continues is long-time service in the Boy Scouts of America, which has given him the skills to repair and build just about anything. When Scott addresses a "problem," it looks like he's playing a game. He enjoys finding a solution that leaves everything better than when he found it.

Scott holds a bachelors degree in Occupational Health and Safety. His attention to detail comes from a successful previous career as a Safety Director in making the workplace a safe environment and training employees in safety procedures and precautions.

Guitar, banjo, mandolin, or fiddle, you name it--Scott can play nearly every instrument. Bluegrass music is Scott's passion.

Scott also enjoys animals, the outdoors, and health and fitness and regular visits from any of his five beautiful children that visit home from time to time.


Reed Kirkland

"I am excited to be a member of the "Next of Kin" team. Mainly because this has given me a chance to reciprocate the assistance that others have given me throughout my life. I look forward to meeting you and being of assistance"

Reed is an active senior citizen. Reed grew up in Cache Valley, attended Utah State University and completed graduate studies in Entomology (the study of insects) at the University of California, Riverside. Although Reed is retired, Reed's beautiful wife still works at the Logan Regional Hospital as the Infection Control Officer. She is a fantastic nurse and keeps the family healthy.

Reed has numerous interests including bird watching, wildlife photography, insect biology, rock collecting, history, science in general, and gardening. He and his wife love animals. They have raised everything from a hawk, owl, fox, goats, pigs, to horses, plus the usual dogs and cats.

During Reed's life he has had the privilege of serving many individuals in his church, including assisting handicapped members, providing individual and couple counseling, handyman repairs, driving persons to and from medical appointments. Such activities have given him great joy and satisfaction in knowing that he could be of service to others, plus establishing many lifetime friends.



Aubree Pocock

Aubree was raised in Ohio and received her associates degree from Brigham Young University Hawaii. She transferred to Utah State University to earn a degree in Parks and Recreation and quickly fell in love with the mountains, and now considers Cache Valley 'home'.

Aubree has worked in many capacities such as, waitressing, catering, direct care in residential treatment and wilderness therapy, and as a programmer providing outdoor adventures for people with disabilities. 

When Aubree is not working she's in the mountains biking, skiing, or in the backcountry backpacking and finding any sort of adventure. If you're ever lost in the desert, Aubree would be a great companion to have for survival, with her backcountry and primitive living skills!  



Quent Casperson

Quent grew up in Utah and Idaho, and enjoys spending time with friends and family at cultural events and in the outdoors. He enjoys working with and mentoring others, and has led teams at several organizations.

He earned his bachelors degree from Utah State University, and has continued his education throughout his career through licensing and certification programs.

Quent has managed and mentored dozens of individuals at various phases of their careers, including Harris Research, BuyBoxer, and Equity Real Estate. He has also worked as a business consultant for many business owners.