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Personal Assistants

Your personal assistant.

Next of Kin provides non-healthcare personal assistance. Our objective is your happiness and independence. With a little assistance you can continue to do many things that you enjoy. In addition to our regularly scheduled visits, you can call on us--24 hours a day--whenever you'd like an extra hand. Think of us as a good, capable friend that you can always count on. Although we are trusted professionals, we prefer that you consider us as family.

During our initial consultation, we get to know one another. Together we'll identify where we can fit into your life. There are things you'd like to continue to do completely on your own, other things that you'd be delighted to never have to bother with again, and still others that you'd like to do but with an extra hand. Our services improve independence and increase happiness.

Celebrities, corporate executives, and the super rich have been using personal assistants and private concierge services for years. With Next of Kin you can now enjoy the same services and attention at an affordable price.

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housekeeping, Home Maintenance & Heavy Stuff

Let's negotiate and get a better rate for services--you might be paying more than you should for many services. We are your advocate.

Do you need to hire a plumber, electrician, landscaper, mechanic, painter, housekeeper, etc? We have experience working with contractors and ensure top quality work and value from someone that you can trust.

There might be many services that you are paying a professional to do that your personal assistant can take care of--housekeeping, gardening and landscape, carpet and floor cleaning, windows, laundry and more.

We can also assist with home organization in pre- and post-move situations and hoarding clean-out.  We sort homes for trash vs. donations, arrange for haul trucks, housekeepers and home repairmen.


Printer not working? No internet connection? TV isn't recording your favorite programs? Sprinklers leaving dry spots in your grass? Leaves clogging up your rain gutters? Want to rearrange the house furniture a bit? Is the bill you received in the mail today a new bill or a duplicate of the one you paid last week?

Call us if it is urgent. Otherwise, make a note of it and we'll take care of it during the next regularly scheduled visit. These are a few of the things we look for during our visits.


transportation, Errands & shopping

We provide transportation anywhere you would like to go--in or out of town.

Our most common route is to doctor appointments, including attending the appointment with you. We'll help ask the right questions and take notes during the appointment to keep things straight.

Send us to do your errands and shopping to avoid the traffic and hassle of standing in long lines. Or, we'll simply go together.

Even better, we can assist in planning your meals, shopping for the ingredients, and preparing them for the week. Only healthy and tasty stuff, of course.

Dry cleaning, post office, garden store, etc., you name it and we'll take care of it.

travel & House Sitting 

Many of our clients like to leave town to visit family or to go sight seeing. Next of Kin can make your travel arrangements--book flights, hotels, etc.

We transport to and from the airport, including assistance all the way to the gate. We can also arrange a travel companion for the entirety of the trip if you desire.

Having a house sitter while away can provide peace of mind that all is well back home. Let us take care of your mail, plants, lawn, garden, and everything else while you are away.

Companionship & Entertainment

Let's enjoy time visiting together in your home, at lunch, or taking in the great entertainment that Cache Valley has to offer.

In the digital age people don't gather like they used to. But, we can fix that.

We've also arranged for special group performances for our clients. It's a great time to mingle and spend time with one another. 

Your Life Story is a treasure

You have an impressive life history and we want to tell your story. The best part of our job is getting to know you and the rich lives you live.

We want to capture your life story in audio and written form.

A daily journal can be difficult to keep. But our Life Story service makes the process simple and painless. In fact, it becomes quite enjoyable to reflect on years past and share experiences, perspective, and wisdom in a format that can be preserved for generations that follow.

So, tell us about yourself--your childhood, your family, your accomplishments, your feelings and anything else.

And, we can digitize all of your handwritten journals making it easier to share and preserve.


When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.
— Zig Ziglar


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